Benefits of Moving to Nevada From Southern California

Moving from Nevada to Southern California offers a variety of benefits. If you’re considering making the move from Nevada to Southern California, we’ve broken down some of the key differences along with the many benefits of living in the Sagebrush State.


Weather, Climate, and Stunning scenery

Nevada is among the top five states for relocation from California for a reason. Many consider California to be the beacon of sunny weather on the west coast, but Nevada’s semi-arid climate offers over 300 days of sunshine per year. With mild seasonal weather including light rainfall (only about 10 inches of snow per year), Nevada is the driest state in the U.S. Nevada summers are quite hot especially in the southern part of the state while winters in the northern, more mountainous region, can be much colder with average low temperatures just above freezing. From mountainous peaks to magnificent canyons, deep valleys, rivers, and lakes, Nevada is home to numerous national parks and terrain.


Cost of Living & Taxes

Moving to Nevada offers a considerably lower cost of living than California – an alluring attribute especially because the Golden State has among the highest taxes in the United States. Nevada is one of the few states in the country with no income tax, which means that you’ll keep every dollar you make, allowing residents to save and reinvest the money they earn. Living in Nevada will allow you to pay lower than average in overall taxes per year than California. Nevada’s general sales tax rate is 4.6% for non-exempt goods while the statewide tax rate in California sits at 7.25%.

According to Zillow, the median home price in Nevada is higher than the national average but lower than that of other states like California. The median home price in Las Vegas is $346,300 while in Los Angeles, the median home price is over $600,000 — almost three times higher. On average, utilities and rent are much lower compared to California. If you move from California to Nevada, you’ll not only abandon a state income tax but pay less for food and medicine too. While the overall cost of living in Nevada is above the national average, it is still much more affordable compared to Southern California.



If you’re looking for a change of pace from the densely populated West Coast, Nevada has a population density of 28 people per square mile, versus California’s population density rate of 251.3 per square mile. Nevada has a population of nearly 3 million people (versus California’s population of nearly 40 million!) with most of the state’s population is split between two cities – Las Vegas and Reno. The remainder of the population is dispersed across the state allowing for those who prefer rural areas and those who prefer cities to be accounted for.


Getting Around – Transportation and Traffic

If you’re coming from Southern California you know about dense, heavy traffic. If you’re considering relocating, you’ll be pleased to know that Nevada is rated best in the country when it comes to its transportation systems. Excellent public transportation systems, commute times along with strong roads and bridges account for the state’s high transportation rating.



If you’re hesitant about leaving behind Southern California’s robust cuisine scene, Nevada is known for its wide variety of food options including some of the most highly-rated Thai cuisine. The city of Las Vegas also has no shortage of world-class cuisine options. Additionally, casino buffets are popular throughout the state.


Things to Do

Although California boasts a wide variety of things to do in terms of outdoor activities, concerts, and attractions, its neighboring state has many of the same amenities. Nevada’s low population density allows for more opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities without being too overcrowded. Nevada has nearly 20 national parks, diverse terrain, and is home to a variety of concerts and festivals throughout the year.


Cost of Relocating from Southern California to Nevada

The total cost of relocation is dependent on several variables including the size and needs of your household, the time of year, and your destination city. On average, it costs between $1,120-$2,560 to move from California to Nevada though a licensed mover can assist with a more accurate estimate.


Making the Move

If you’re considering making the move from Southern California, you’re not alone — Los Angeles County alone had 312,000 people moving to a different area within the past year according to US Census data. As the cost of living in California continues to rise, a growing number of people are looking at relocation to the east. As you ponder taking the plunge to relocate from Southern California, Nevada could be the right fit for you.