Why You Should Work With a Realtor for New Construction Home Buying

New construction homes certainly have both curb and psychological appeal. There is something special about moving into a home that no one has lived in before. On top of that, everything about the home is immaculate and all features exist exclusively for your personal use. If you are one to avoid unexpected surprises that sometimes accompany buying a resale home, a new construction home is your best option.

Obvious benefits aside, it’s important to go about purchasing a new construction home intelligently in order to land your perfect home at the right price without any hiccups along the way.


Here’s why you should be represented by a real estate agent for new construction purchases


Realtors Understand Negotiation Windows

Real estate agents have a thorough understanding of the local market, which means they are apt to help you find the best possible deal. One of the most important variables when buying any home is timing. Countless builders in Las Vegas are actually publicly traded companies, which means that they have bottom lines to achieve and shareholders to satisfy.

This means that Realtors will advise you on the best time to buy based on builders’ prior behavior within each quarter. For example, towards the end of the quarter, builders are more open to negotiation in order to achieve their quarterly objectives.

Understanding the right time to buy a new home doesn’t stop at quarterly closings, but also consumer behavior in other seemingly irrelevant markets. When consumers are shifting their focus elsewhere, such as in the fall or during the holidays, builders are more likely to be willing to negotiate.


Overcharge Protection

Builders in Las Vegas have been pushing for buyers of new homes to not use a real estate agent, resulting in buyers being taken advantage of with outrageous “upgrade fees” and other methods of overcharging.

Builder’s agents are not being paid to work in your best interest  – that is the job of a Realtor. Despite their arguments, builders intend to sell their homes at the highest possible price. A Realtor can defend your best interest throughout the entire transaction.


Negotiate Personalized Customizations

One of the best parts of buying a new construction home is that you can make it completely your own, but these upgrades come at a price and builders use this as an opportunity for steep up-sells. Working with a Realtor helps ensure that the features important to you are implemented without costing an arm and a leg. You’ll be coming to the negotiation table prepared and protected.


Home Inspection Guidance

Inspections are apart of any home transaction, including new construction home purchases. A Realtor is aware of the required inspections specific to new construction homes so that you can avoid major issues with your investment.


In Conclusion

When you are on the market for a new construction home, there are a lot of variables to consider in order to find the right house at the right price. It’s important to work with someone who has your best interests in mind.

If you are looking for a new construction Realtor, you’ve come to the right place!

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